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Getting Regional with Deneal Smith (Bootham School) and Kevin Carson (Royal Masonic School)
Episode 224th May 2024 • The HMC Podcast • The Heads' Conference
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#02 - In this episode, the theme is 'Getting Regional.' The guests discuss the importance of engaging with regional identity as HMC heads, the efficacy of HMC regional groupings, and the influence of London on the economy and independent school sector. They also explore the role of international schools within HMC and the need for collaboration and support among independent schools. The guests share initiatives at their schools, such as a parent programme and alternative curriculum options. They emphasise the importance of work-life balance and self-care for headteachers.


  • Engaging with regional identity is important for HMC heads and helps create a sense of community within schools.
  • HMC regional groupings provide support and a sense of shared experience for heads, but there may be room for more focused and tighter groups.
  • The influence of London on the economy and independent school sector can create challenges for schools in other regions.
  • International schools should be given more prominence within HMC to learn from their excellence and innovation.
  • Initiatives such as parent programs and alternative curriculum options can enhance the educational experience for students.
  • Maintaining work-life balance and prioritising self-care is crucial for headteachers' well-being.
  • The HMC podcast should consider featuring retired heads to share their insights and advice, and listeners are encouraged to provide feedback and topic suggestions.

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