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Pod 176: Jules de Jongh AKA Lieutenant Green
Episode 17625th October 2021 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Jules de Jongh joined the Anderson voice actor family in 2005 with New Captain Scarlet where she played Lieutenant Green! Recently, she's returned to the fold with her amazing Atlanta Shore voice in Stingray: Operation Icecap. In this episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast, Jules relates some stories from her early years of training in California, her voice-over career from Star Wars: Battlefront to Thomas the Tank Engine, and a look behind the scenes of NCS! You won't want to miss this spectacular interview!

01:07 It is the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

3:50 FAB Facts happen here!

10:20 Letters from the Listeners! AKA the Podsterons

15:40 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

17:55 The Podsteron Facebook Group Update!

25:12 Jules de Jongh - Part One

47:11 YouTube comments!

51:30 Zelda pushes the button on the Randomiser!

1:18:29 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

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