Mastering Comms Channels in Decentralized Organizations
Episode 514th June 2023 • Masters of Comms • Transformative communication techniques, straight from the pros.
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Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Paul Osgood, Global Head of Internal Communications at Clifford Chance. Paul is here to share his recommendations on how to you build consistent communication channels in decentralized organizations! Find out how he embeds consistency that brings people together whenever and wherever they reside.


0:50 Intoducing Paul Osgood

1:31 Getting to know Clifford Chance

2:54 The Challenge with building consistency in hybrid working environments

5:47 Creating a structure & strategy to keep workforces engaged

15:02 Solutions to implement when addressing a global workforce

18:24 The tools to facilitate collaboration & enrich communications

25:58 Measure, Measure, Measure

30:14 Book Suggestion‍




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