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Right-sizing yourself in the world with Kriste Peoples
Episode 2315th February 2022 • Warrior Goddess Revolution • HeatherAsh Amara
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On any given day Kriste can be found running / hiking in the wilds of Colorado or sharing her passion for mindfulness and meditation. As an ambassador for both movement and mindfulness, Kriste encourages women, and especially women of color, to stretch beyond the known and familiar. “I am at this intersection of running or hiking and being in nature and wonder. Returning to a sense of beginner's mind and rightsizing myself in the world.”

I met Kriste at Sounds True where I was part of a summit she was producing. Since then I've been blessed to get to know her as a friend, and to marvel at her stamina, smile, and sass on and off the trail. (Join her IG and follow along on her adventures.)

In this episode we talk about belonging, being inspired by others to go beyond old boundaries and limitations, being brave, and the beauty all around how how to tune back in.

“You know, sometimes we might think that our issues are the only show in town, but you know, when we take a moment to stand under a a hundred year old tree or to feel the breeze blowing over us and really feel the impact of what that is and what that means and how we're part of a vast ecosystem... by the time we come back home, well, we can come home to ourselves in those moments."

Kriste Peoples is a runner, writer, and meditation teacher, and when she's not out adventuring along the trails of Colorado’s Front Range, she's likely writing about it (or recovering with carbs in a local eatery). She can also be spotted offering talks about engagement in nature, gently nudging others to take up the cause of fun in the outdoors.

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