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How To Lose Weight Without Going to The Gym or Doing a Strict Diet
Episode 17114th December 2021 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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We have certain ideas when it comes to losing weight …

>> I’ve got to go on a diet.

>> I need to go to the gym.

>> And all that might not even work, because I think I’m just too old.

>> I’m too old to lose weight and tone up. 

>> My hormones are off and my body doesn’t seem to work right anymore.

>> And now I have type-2 diabetes, so I’m screwed! 

"How did I get here?!?! Now I don’t have a choice!! I HAVE to get on that diet and force myself to go to the gym everyday!!"

If you’ve ever felt like this, then you NEED to hear today’s episode! Judith battled her weight almost her entire life. She saw family members who were overweight with health problems … and she was determined that she wouldn’t wind up like that. But …

After Weight Watchers, she lost and regained and (in her words) becoming fanatical about losing weight, where once again she lost some weight but gained it all back … after all of this, she found herself overweight with Type-2 diabetes. 

But not now ...

She’s lost 35 pounds and kept it off for almost a year! Her blood sugar numbers have come down dramatically. She feels great and loves shopping for clothes again. But best of all - she’s not fanatical and actually enjoys her food and exercise. Which, by the way, includes zero time in the gym!

Judith is full of weight loss wisdom, so grab a cup of coffee or tea, and listen up!