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4 Key Principles to perfecting the art of delegation
Episode 72nd September 2022 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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‘By delegating properly, you are  giving opportunities to your people to perform and unleash their talents and utilize their full potential.’ -Malay Damania

Every entrepreneur who wants to build a remotely-run organization or a business that can grow and thrive without daily intervention must develop delegation skills 

Delegation happens when a manager assigns responsibility as well as the authority to his subordinate to do a particular task.

But how do you ensure that they exactly know how the assignment needs to be done and that your client continues to get the best services if you are not personally doing it? 

The process of delegation is similar to parenting a child. You need to be patient and think like you are raising a child. 

In today's episode, Malay Damania is going to share the 4 key principles to perfecting the art of delegation-

  1. Gaining clarity on Assignment
  2. Starting Small
  3. Delegating to the right person
  4. Setting timelines and monitoring progress report

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