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Safety View: Psychological Safety
18th May 2021 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us on the Safety View as Laurin Mooney, Rosa Antonia Carrillo and Tamara Parris host a special session on psychological safety.

In the session we (our community) will be addressing several questions about psychological safety (PS). Is it an important aspect of workplace safety? What are the potential benefits of learning how to engender PS? What do we mean by PS? Have we addressed the downsides and limitations of PS so that we don't get blindsided by unintended consequences?

Rosa and Tamara are both early adopters, (See Rosa’s 2016 article) but recently it seems to be everywhere and we fear it might be getting watered down and misinterpreted. We don't want it to become another "safety culture", where people use it to explain things that are not otherwise making sense to them. It seems that once we find a label we can check it off our list of worries. Is it just us, or are others sensing the same thing?

 This is a call for community members who have knowledge and strong opinions about the direction that the topic of psychological safety is taking.