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Pierre's Podcast - Pierre Dushon Mayo 5th March 2020
The Laws of Relationships -Part 3
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The Laws of Relationships -Part 3

Did you know you are special in God's eyes? You were created to be just who you are in Him. And God will often bring two or more people together into a friendship in order to carry out a specific purpose. Preparing yourself these relationships takes work. But if you learn these biblical principles now, you will be more prepared for a successful, Christ centered relationship later. Biblical principles are the best rules to follow in order to have a successful and awesome relationship. 

God's love is the ultimate. And understand that the love God has for you justifies that you do not have to seek fulfillment in how anyone makes you feel. 

Today we will look at what a Godly Relationship looks like. Are you in one? Are you looking to be in one? Find out as we continue our discussion about " The Laws of Relationships " .