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Interview With Producer And Voice Director, Jeff Howell – Part 1
Episode 385th August 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Jeff Howell launched his voiceover industry career as an agent at Abrams-Rubaloff and Lawrence then crossed over to the creative side as a casting director / radio producer at Bert Berdis and Company. Later, he was hired as the VP of Production at World Wide Wadio. He has produced radio commercials and network radio TV promos, served as a post-production supervisor and director, directed narration, and more. He now runs his own company producing and directing all things voiceover. He teaches voiceover acting at schools, facilitates workshops, and does private coaching for voiceover talent.

In part one of my conversation with Jeff, we spoke about how he got started in the industry, as well as:

  • How things are going for him in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdowns (during which time we recorded this episode)
  • Why Jeff shifted from theater to television, radio, and film while in school
  • What roles Jeff had in voiceover at Abrams-Rubaloff and Lawrence
  • Why Jeff decided to change jobs in order to work as a casting director at Bert Berdis and Company
  • Working for World Wide Wadio
  • How Jeff started his own company
  • Casting talent to do dubbing work for Netflix
  • What Jeff loves about interacting with voiceover talent
  • The trends and transitions Jeff has seen throughout his years in the industry
  • Why now is a wonderful time for actors to get into voiceover
  • The increasing amount of diversity in voiceover talent
  • How Jeff finds talent for voiceover jobs and supports them during auditions and reads
  • The negative side of the advancements in technology for voiceover
  • The benefits that technology is providing during the COVID-19 restrictions

You can find more information on Jeff Howel at his website, or you can email him through his website to connect.

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