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Providing Greater Access to LLMs with Brandon Duderstadt, Co-Founder and CEO of Nomic AI
27th July 2023 • Gradient Dissent: Conversations on AI • Lukas Biewald
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On this episode, we’re joined by Brandon Duderstadt, Co-Founder and CEO of Nomic AI. Both of Nomic AI’s products, Atlas and GPT4All, aim to improve the explainability and accessibility of AI.

We discuss:

- (0:55) What GPT4All is and its value proposition.

- (6:56) The advantages of using smaller LLMs for specific tasks. 

- (9:42) Brandon’s thoughts on the cost of training LLMs. 

- (10:50) Details about the current state of fine-tuning LLMs. 

- (12:20) What quantization is and what it does. 

- (21:16) What Atlas is and what it allows you to do.

- (27:30) Training code models versus language models.

- (32:19) Details around evaluating different models.

- (38:34) The opportunity for smaller companies to build open-source models. 

- (42:00) Prompt chaining versus fine-tuning models.

Resources mentioned:

Brandon Duderstadt -

Nomic AI -

Nomic AI Website -

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