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F.A.T. Episode 37 – David Lane Part 2
21st November 2015 • Food About Town • Chris Lindstrom
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Credit to Chris Clemens from for the picture of Dave hard at work in his shop!

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast is part two of my talk with David Lane from David Lane Design that includes even more tangents than ever! We touched on First Friday activities at the Hungerford Building where Dave’s shop is located (highly recommended), Montréal, chicken wings, did a bourbon and Rock and Rye tasting and talked through some more local restaurants.

The wife chimed in from the couch away from the mics a couple times, so hopefully I did a good job recapping what she had to say. Maybe next time she’ll get up and come to the table!

Dave is making some fantastic leather goods in Rochester so if you’re looking for gifts this holiday season you should keep it local, and check out his work.

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