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Do Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant Recommend Your Shop? [E034]
Episode 348th February 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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Talking Points

  • Statistics
  • The way people search is very different
  • Searches are longer
  • Searches are more conversational
  • You need to answer questions in complete sentences
  • This is one reason why blogs are so important
  • Search queries are longer but your answers need to be short and concise
  • Optimize for featured snippets
  • Write the way you talk - natural language
  • Include questions in your content - long tail keywords
  • Dumb it down - write it for a 10 year old
  • Use long content
  • “Near Me” searches continue to increase
  • Do more video - featured snippets in videos

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