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Nielsen Ratings: Are They Still the Gold Standard? Guest: Steve Allan - The Research Director, Inc.
Episode 1889th September 2023 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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With over 25 years of radio experience, Steve Allen has programmed a variety of radio formats, with winning radio stations in Washington, DC, Boston, Detroit and Cincinnati, He has also held a number of corporate programming positions, and is now Programming Research Consultant for the Research Director, Inc.

Steve is a self-proclaimed 'data-geek' who is on the bleeding edge of the needs and challenges of programmers in today's radio/audio environment, and the best ways to crack the ratings code for measurement and performance.

In this episode, Steve shares some key points, including:

  • While radio is still the number one audio reach medium, listening is down overall, especially among younger people. What’s radio’s next move?
  • How the pandemic has impacted levels of radio listening.
  • Why ratings should be taken with a grain of salt in PPM and Diary markets.
  • What TLR is, and how it can impact perceived station impact and real revenues.
  • Are Podcasting and Streaming growing threats to traditional radio, or valuable complements to the station brand?

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