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3 Quick Productivity Tips for Working at Home
26th April 2016 • Youpreneur with Chris Ducker • Rainmaker.FM
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Today’s episode dives into the specifics of how to keep up your productivity levels at home and what you can do to keep motivated.

Do you currently work from home, or is it on your wish list to do so? Many youpreneurs work from their home offices, and so do I! Most of my 480 employees work in an office nearby, but I work at home Monday through Thursday. And I’ve been able to do that by being very productive while working at my home office.

Recently someone on one of my daily scopes commented that it was too hard to build a large and successful business from home, and I called BS! It was also the inspiration for this show.

On today’s episode of Youpreneur FM I’ll give you three specific tips I have for working from home: setting regular working hours, doing your creative work first thing in the morning and giving yourself regular breaks throughout your day. Join me as I go deeper into each of these and share why they’ve been so important to my success, and will be to yours as well.

In this 9 minute episode I discuss:

  • Why you should keep regular hours when working from home.
  • Should you avoid email and social media when you start your day?
  • The power of naps, and how to schedule them.
  • When is it okay to step away from your computer screen?
  • Can you run a successful, multiple seven-figure business from a home office?

Listen to Youpreneur with Chris Ducker below ...

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