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Marketing on Tap - Sensei Marketing EPISODE 29, 13th March 2019
Episode 29: Cause Marketing - Do Consumers Care?
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Episode 29: Cause Marketing - Do Consumers Care?

As both Nike and Gillette have shown in recent months, cause marketing is becoming an increasingly core part of a brand's marketing strategy. From societal and political issues and more, businesses aren't afraid to take a definitive stand when it comes to potentially controversial topics.

But does this have an impact on the brand's perception with consumers and, more importantly, sales and revenue? Does cause marketing attract consumers, or turn them off?

In this week's episode of Marketing on Tap, we look at how brands are adapting to the new consumer behaviours when it comes to causes they believe in, and whether they're genuinely altruistic or simply riding a trend.

Settle back and enjoy this week’s topic, brought to you in the usual unscripted manner that you’ve come to expect when Sam and Danny take the mic.

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