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E187 - The Power of Real Estate Investing: Creating Passive Income and Financial Independence | with Christopher Naghibi
Episode 18710th December 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Christopher Naghibi is juggling a lot of titles: he’s a banker, an attorney, a real estate broker, a licensed general contractor, an author, a public speaker, and the CEO of Black Crown Realty and Investment. On top of all this, he also provides pro bono legal services and partners with Habitat for Humanity. Essentially, Chris wants to help people out, and he’s doing that today by sharing a major tip with listeners - it’s all about real estate investing. 

In this episode, Chris stresses the power of investing in real estate and all of the opportunities it can open up for you. In fact, it’s the number one common theme he’s seen among the wealthiest individuals. The key, Chris says, is to build and position your portfolio over time - that means you don’t necessarily have to go big right away!

Chris is sharing tips for getting started, mitigating risk, and making the most out of lasting investments that will not only create steady cash flow for you, but will build wealth for your children and future generations to come. It’s something absolutely everyone can benefit from, so give it a shot!

In this episode

  • [1:40] Chris gives us a look at his background and his career journey and we discuss the benefits of having multiple streams of income as he does - side hustles give you a 33% greater likelihood of success!
  • [9:41] Chris’s One Big Tip is that investing in real estate is the clearest path towards passive income. He says the key is building and positioning your portfolio over time
  • [14:50] Every investment comes with risk. Chris explains how he helps people mitigate that risk - starting with the simple fact that you don’t have to “go big” right away.
  • [20:29] Chris says that amongst all the misinformation, he wants to share truths based on what he’s seen work time and time again: investing in real estate long-term for passive income and a lasting legacy. 
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