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69. Live from IFPA’s Global Show: Tackling Carbon Emissions, Improving Back-Office Processes and the Importance of Cyber-Security
13th December 2022 • Fresh Takes On Tech • International Fresh Produce Association
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We are talking with Lydia Ashburn (Growth Marketing, CarbonSpace), Kaitlin Mercier (VP of Partnerships, Routeique) Greg Gatzke (President, ZAGtech)

Join us as we discuss:

  • Developing best-in-class standards for carbon monitoring
  • Understanding how to improve and enhance back-office processes and automation
  • The importance of cyber-security and how to protect your company

Segment 1 - Lydia Ashburn (CarbonSpace)

Carbon footprint monitoring is especially challenging when accounting for emissions from farms, fields, or forests. Companies in agriculture, food processing, forestry, and wood products lack instruments to measure the footprint of their operations and supply chains.

CarbonSpaceTech is developing a carbon footprint monitoring platform to bring a new level of transparency to these organizations.

Our proprietary AI technology core is processing several layers of satellite, sensor, and inventory data, which yields high spatial resolution and near real-time analytics. It was elegantly designed to create an ultimate self-onboarding tool for monitoring emissions from different types of lands.

The CarbonSpace platform provides actionable insights about farm, field, and forest emissions to facilitate climate-responsible decisions and to unleash the carbon offset potential of our customers.

Segment 2 - Kaitlin Mercier (Routeique)

Routeique gives fast-moving consumer goods businesses unprecedented supply chain insight, foresight and oversight. In partnership with them they use this new transparency to make their enterprises more efficient, competitive, sustainable, responsive, and profitable than ever before.

Segment 3 - Greg Gatzke (ZAG Technical Services)

ZAG is the #1 IT services provider to Western Agribusinesses. With knowledge and experience gained from decades in the industry, they understand the 24/7/365 nature of business. The biggest names in agriculture and fresh produce trust ZAG to deliver technology solutions that protect their business, improve profit margins, and enable new capabilities.

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