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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 9, 28th August 2020
Cultural Renaissance

Cultural Renaissance

Why it is SO intense right now: our current cosmic weather including a grand cross 10:49

Pisces Full Moon astrology 30:35

Resilience and hope interview with Ken Vallario and Callie Ferraro Ayers in honor of A Light of Hope art installation in Asheville NC 48:57

An embodiment practice: ritual suggestions for the Pisces Full Moon 82:25

A restorative yoga nidra guided journey 84:45

Connect with Ken here:



Connect with Callie here:



A Light of Hope


Phil Mechanic Studios

109 Roberts Street in the River Arts District, Asheville

To submit your candle (must be less than 18")

send to:

Caitlin Ferraro Ayers

PO Box 16042

Asheville NC 28816