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E236 - Create more actionable content every time using AI technology | with Jeff Coyle
Episode 23631st May 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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When business owners are too busy focusing on lead generation to do the research to create content, they now can use AI, language processing, and machine learning algorithms that measure user intent. This makes the best content for your product and campaign. In a world where SEO and keyword research is not enough, having AI to fall back on can only bolster your content customer interaction, create better conversions and increase ROI for your marketing strategy. Jeff Coyle, the co-founder of, helps businesses in the B2B space ensure their content is on target with every campaign through AI content creation. 

After 17 years in the industry, Jeff Coyle created MarketMuse. The push behind creating a content intelligence platform was that he understood that content workflows are painful, manually created, and subjective performance. His mission was to develop a data-driven metric for content that speeds up the workflow of creating content and SEO. With MarketMuse, there is editorial expertise and excellence every time. The metrics are there for building authority, creating content, and engagement. MarketMuse works within the natural language generation and processing space, which sets it apart from other AI writing companies in the industry. 

In today’s crowded market space, your content needs to stand apart in so many ways. That’s where AI content creation is an asset. It takes the content that was written, will sort through it, and tell you which pieces need work, which ones are on target, and how to improve upon them, so the results move your company or brand forward. The content you get from AI is often only a stepping stone because it still needs to be fleshed out by a human. But with the metrics from AI, you know which direction you need to go in. Do you have enough authority in the field where this particular article or blog will have a positive KPI? Or do you need to build a more solid foundation to see the results you are looking for?

Artificial intelligence is used for a content generation but also topic modeling. Jeff created a seeding process that has three components. The seeding process helps figure out what topics match your needs. The three components are your stuff, the stuff you want to be, and your competitors' stuff. You need to go over your current content with a keen eye. Evaluate it. Is it serving your purpose? Is it speaking to your audience? Understand the depth of your coverage and how much success they are providing to your site. The second component is what do you want to be? You need to understand where you want to be and how to get there. Lastly, you need to see what your competitors are doing and where they have voids. Their voids may give you a competitive advantage because it’s easy for you to jump in and fill in the gaps. 

AI is the wave of the future. There will always be better, newer versions. That's the beauty of technology. Jeff’s One Big Tip is using AI to enhance your content your writing and get a better handle on the topics you are covering. This will produce positive metrics and keep your business ahead of the competition.

In this episode

  • [2:18] Use AI to focus on targeted content every time you publish. 
    • AI takes the emotion out of decision-making, giving you neutral direction.
    • Using AI to collect content speeds up creator workflow.
  • [5:28] The difference between AI content and AI writing and why the difference is so significant.
    • Every time you publish, you’re liable for what you put out. 
    • AI content is verifiable at a faster pace than other methods.
  • [15:55] Topic modeling and how it works.
    • Using AI to sift through already existing content ensures you get a direct hit with each piece you produce. 
    • AI can be used as a tool to figure out what your content is miss
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