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The Curiosity Code: How to Judge Less, Connect More, and Embrace Your Opposition
Episode 1429th September 2022 • Abundantly Curious • Geri Paige Butner
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In this solo episode, Geri explores the impact of judgment, throwing stones, and widening gaps of separation on our individual and collective experience, and proposes the risky topic of embracing your opposition and using curiosity to forge a connection with anyone (even the people who oppose everything you believe). Who knows, maybe you’ll leave actually feeling grateful for that person/belief system/group you can’t stand.

Time Stamps

01:10 - Judgment As a Blocker to Connection, Creation, and Evolution

2:41 - Accepting Opposing Forces as Two Sides of the Same Coin

7:51 - Using Curiosity to Forge Connection With Anyone

9:55 - Connection vs. Separation for a Richer Human Experience

13:17 - How 2020 Changed My Views on Opposing Beliefs

16:00 - Maintaining Boundaries While Opening to Connection

22:40 - Approaching Conflict as an Elevation of the Collective

About Geri Paige Butner

Geri is a leader in the art of personal freedom, working to create powerful catalysts for individual change and transformation. She serves through her work as a freedom-focused entrepreneur, speaker, coach and highly curious being who has learned that when we follow our curiosity, we're led to what lights us up and propels us forward. Geri is the creator of The Business Firestarter and The Liberated Life programs, where she guides people on their journey to create a life and work they love. 


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