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Demystifying CBD (with Scott Palmer, MD)
Episode 286th December 2022 • Your Doctor Friends • Dr. Jeremy Alland and Dr. Julie Bruene
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CBD seems to be everywhere. You can buy CBD or "hemp-infused" drinks, you can use creams on your skin, or take oral capsules. Advertisements for CBD products tout myriad benefits, from controlling anxiety, to reducing pain and promoting restful sleep.

How does it actually work? How did it get so popular? Does it really work? How is it regulated?

We brought on our doctor friend and cannabinoid expert, Dr. Scott Palmer to help answer these questions, and provide more insight on CBD.

Dr. Palmer is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician in Chicago who has provided medical care for the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls since 2005. He also has special research interests in the use of cannabinoids (including CBD) to help treat chronic pain, anxiety, and neurodegenerative disorders, among other health concerns. Dr. Palmer is the medical director of Synthonics, Inc. - a small pharmaceutical research organization involved in cannabinoid research and manufacturing.

Come learn about all things CBD!

Learn more about Dr Palmer here and his novel CBD products here.

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