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Adventuring and Instructing - With WSA's Ben Longhurst
Episode 8111th October 2021 • SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast • Simon Hutchinson
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In this week's interview we feature Ben Longhurst, the Technical Director of the innovative UK organisation, The Water Skills Academy (WSA).

Water Skills Academy cover a number of bases … they run expeditions and SUP holidays across the world, they run SUP industry events and in person events to inspire and keep paddlers informed and they were particularly active during the initial UK lockdowns with webinars...which certainly kept morale up when we couldn't get onto the water

WSA's core mission is to offer courses to build skills and certify instructors for adventure guiding, surfing, lifesaving and a number of other specialisms. The topic of instructors isn’t something which we’ve covered before on the podcast, and while there are some clear benefits to getting coached, whatever your level, there are also real benefits to becoming an instructor, because it's fun particularly introducing people into the sport.

Ben is an experienced adventurer in his own right and we also talk about his experience descending the worlds deepest gorge in Nepal and the west coast of Scotland

In the episode we also talk about:

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