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Resin 3D Printers: Exploring Large-Format SLA Options
Episode 314th December 2023 • 3DGearZone • 3DGearZone
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Scott and Paul discuss large-format resin 3D printers, taking a deeper look at ELEGOO's Jupiter SE, Phrozen Mega 8K, Anycubic Photon M3 Max, and Apex Maker X1.

We will be answering the burning questions about large format printers:

  • How do these printers compare in terms of build volume, resolution, and price?
  • How have these models maintained or improved print quality despite the larger size?
  • What does the rise of large-format resin printers mean for the future of 3D printing?

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About hosts:

🎙️ Paul Chow has been prop-making since 2012 and has garnered extensive experience in woodworking, CNC machining, 3D modeling, and printing experience.

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🎙️ Scott Gabdullin is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and search marketing expert. He has a proven track record of turning the trickle of prospects into a roaring cascade of business opportunities.

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