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The Potential of Bioplastics - With Cade Frost of 'Source Bioplastic'
Episode 828th April 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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Do new plastic materials have the potential to shift this large and polluting industry towards a circular economy?

In this interview I'm joined by Cade Frost, CEO of 'Source Bioplastic' for a discussion about the development of his non-toxic bioplastic material along with the bigger picture of making shifts towards a healthier future for the planet.

It may seem like plastics and healthy can't really go hand in hand, but as one of the world's largest industries, it's something that we can't pretend is going to go away. And with such vast and destructive impact on the planet, that actually makes it one of the biggest opportunities for improvements.

Moving from synthetic to bioplastics gives the immediate benefit of reducing dependency on fossil fuels but there is huge variation within these materials and if we are to move forward at scale there's a lot to consider and iron out.

Cade had spent years anguished by the issue of plastic pollution and he recognised that it would take involvement from a full range of interests for real change to happen.

He's made an incredible start by successfully developing a rapidly compostable plastic material made entirely from natural and non-toxic ingredients.

I really appreciate the point of view that he brings with regards to understanding the needs of manufacturers, the current limits of disposal facilities and the expansive potential when we consider moving things to a truly circular economy.

We discuss everything from the materials themselves, to the impact on society and even consider whether it's possible for plastics to have a positive impact on the environment.

Use the time stamps below to get a sense of what's included:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:58 - Bioplastics vs Conventional Plastics?

00:03:20- Bioplastic Uses

00:06:37 - Can the Additives be Natural?

00:08:28 - The Issues with Plastics Disposal

00:15:30 - What are Microplastics?

00:19:12 - Disposal of Bioplastics?

00:22:08 - Can Bioplastics be Recycled?

00:26:29 - Do we have Space to Grow all of our Plastics?

00:32:03 - The Story of Source Bioplastics

00:39:03 - Are Bioplastics Competitively Priced?

00:44:55 - Are Toxins Still a Problem with Bioplastics?

00:48:58 - Can Fungi Assist with Breakdown?

00:53:17 - Disposal of Bioplastics

00:56:11 - Do Bioplastics have Potential to Help the Environment??

01:01:16 - Potential for Local Circular Economies

01:01:08 - Source Bioplastic Specifics

01:01:17 - Manufacturing Bioplastics

10:06:57 - Applications for Source?

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