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51. Sociological Mapmaking & Historical Entanglement
Episode 5113th November 2022 • Becoming Human • Tyler Kleeberger
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Rethinking tradition through the constraints of time and perspective.

Human beings have temporal constraints. We die. Within our finitude, mortality, aging, and the vast population of history, we should have a proper sense of proportion.

Human beings also have mental constraints. We only have our perspective. We only know the world through what it is like to us (qualia).

As a part of society and history, we have to decide how we will use the vastness of the world within our limitations. Taking a cue from "The Fiddler on the Roof," we should see that tradition is alive and the past can help us transcend these limitations.

Use tradition by replicating the process we've inherited not just replicating the content of the past.