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Episode 531st January 2020 • Alpaca Tribe • Steve Heatherington
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The last episode of 2019 and the first of 2020 - this straddles the year and is a great opportunity to look both back and forward.

Alpacas are amazing animals and I love introducing people to them for the first time.

As herd numbers increase the roles get shared out. This year they seemed to be more laid back and happy to spread out rather than be tightly bunched. I am taking this as a good sign!

Spending time with alpacas is never a waste of time - at least in my opinion. The depth and complexity of relationship and interaction warrants study. What are you doing spending all your time sitting in a field with alpacas? I am investigating...

No cria this year as we reset the mating clock to avoid births too late in the year. Next year, June is the month to watch - can't wait.

I wish you well for the coming year 2020. The time of perfect vision. Well, we shall see.

May you have enough of what you need and more of what you would like, together with a break from what you could do without. Ride the bumps in the road. reach for the stars, and be generous with yourself and all those around you. Have a great year.

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Jen Delucia

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Brian Schieber

Jax and Lovey  (#jaxnlovey)

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