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Being Unapologetically Yourself with Pia Silva
Episode 31st April 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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In this episode, Kiley invited Pia Silva, Founder of No BS Agency Mastery where she teaches small branding agencies how to increase profits and freedom without hiring employees, using her intensive model. She's a TEDX Speaker, a Forbes contributor, a podcast host and author of Badass your Brand.

Kiley and Pia talk about Pia’s journey building her agency sharing her ups and downs throughout her journey. She also shares some tips in life that allowed her to be successful.  Tune in to this episode to hear more about these topics.


02:51 – I think this whole journey has been me trying things out and deciding to own it and be it. I think that is actually why I eventually felt comfortable owning or calling myself a badass.

07:41 – Saying you're honest is a really lame way to say you're honest. How can you be honest? Be honest. How can you be transparent? Be transparent. Show your price.

16:07 – I would have thought that there were other people that could've done this better for me and I should hire them and now I know this turn around. Even if it doesn't work out it's the best thing that you can do because the lessons are worth every penny.

21:10 – At this point I'm looking for a No more than I’m looking for a Yes because I only want to work with people in my agency and in my program who are a perfect fit, who are going to have an amazing experience, who are going to get an incredible result and I know what those people look like.

42:42 – My big passion and goal is really empowering very small micro businesses to learn how to be really excellent and profitable.


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Pia Silva’s Bio 

Pia Silva is the founder of No BS Agency Mastery where she teaches small branding agencies how to increase profits and freedom without hiring employees using her intensive model. She developed this model with her partner at Worstofall Design where they build entire brands in 1-3 day intensives. She’s a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, podcast host and author of Badass Your Brand.



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