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Chapter 138. If you steer clear of the vicar, I'll jingle me testicles for you.
Episode 13825th December 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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For this years Christmas special episode we decided to unburden ourselves from the shackles of pre-episode preparation and exacting production standards and show our rarely-seen playful side.

And what better way to get the party started, than by welcoming Linette to TCD - even if that did mean distracting her with a glass of Kylie's Prosecco, whilst simultaneously placing a microphone into her other hand.

And you know what?! She is a natural. From air fryers to elderflowers, Welsh footballers to high court judges, it's a freewheeling festive romp through the carefree joys of living with yours truly.

What a girl!..



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