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Episode 07 – Caedmon Interviews Le Droit Humain
Episode 714th June 2017 • My Alchemical Bromance • My Alchemical Bromance
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Because Grand Lodge regulations prohibit our regular hosts from communicating Masonically with Le Droit Humain, Joey and Erik recruit Caedmon "I hope we can fix this in post" Webb to be the stand-in guest host to interview Heather Fulton and Valerie Espinoza. They're Freemasons! This episode is noteworthy for being the first My Alchemical Bromance episode to feature somebody with a mohawk. The Beverage Crater Lake Spirits Pepper Vodka Hey, Links! "But I want more history!" we hear you yelling. No, look, guys, everybody always covers the history of this stuff. If you want a good rundown on the nuts and bolts of Le Droit Humain, check out episode 135 of the Masonic Roundtable podcast. Hey Caedmon, we didn't fix anything in post! Take that. Note that this episode was remixed in November 2017 to bring you better audio quality.