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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 37, 29th October 2020
How to Work Out Your Minimum Hourly Rate
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How to Work Out Your Minimum Hourly Rate

This is the third in a mini-series around the topic of money and valuing yourself. In episode 35 we looked at how to value yourself and what you do. In episode 36 we discussed money mindset and how to deal with the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success. This episode, we’re looking at pricing basics and how to work out your minimum hourly rate.

Knowing your minimum hourly rate will help you to price your services effectively. This figure will ensure you both cover the cost of running your business and pay yourself a proper salary in the process.

Understanding the minimum rate to charge an hour will help you create a sustainable business for the future.

  • (01:24) How did you work out your prices?
  • (01:32) Pricing based on your competition
  • (02:10) Pricing based on your costs
  • (02:53) Pricing based on the value you provide
  • (04:02) Minimum hourly rate
  • (04:34) Time spent working
  • (06:56) Business costs and wages
  • (08:45) Working out your minimum hourly rate

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