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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 42, 16th March 2021
My Business Model for Content Creation
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My Business Model for Content Creation

How do you stand out in a world full of entrepreneurs wrestling for customers’ attention? Having a well-built marketing strategy works. But how does your content creation fit into the different components of your overall marketing plan? If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to craft content that will help your target audience and inspire them to take action, this episode is just what you need. Stay tuned as Sharran breaks down his personal business model for content creation. When you can set your mind around building a business model, everything else falls into place.

“Consumption is everything. Transformation without consumption is just transaction.”

 - Sharran Srivatsaa



0:00    Two words often used in the Srivatsaa household

2:50    Get to know Sharran’s ACT Model

3:45    The Homebase Outpost Model

4:15    What is a snackable content

5:45    The Attraction Phase = Call-to-Engagement

9:20    The Consumption Phase = Building Your Tribe

15:25  The Transformation Phase = Results in Advance

18:06  Delivering your core messages 

25:00  The One Big Mistake people make

29:06  The essence of the ACT Model


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