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#6 Interview Adrienne LaVey Opera Singer Gothic YouTuber Dark Soul on Down the Lonely Path
Episode 621st January 2021 • The Gothic Side of Life • Glenn lee alan Davis
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In the Funeral Parlor we speak with Adrienne LaVey about her influence on Gothic Subculture and Opera Singing in Goth Music. Her experience working on The Calm Before the Storm - Beauty in Chaos (Michael Ciravolo). We discuss Ligeia Resurrected on YouTube and her obsession with Absinthe. She also talks about influences and the state of the Goth scene at the moment.

Adrienne LaVey is an Opera Sing / Gothic YouTuber / Author

She is a Dramatic Mezzo Soprano who appears on my current release under KOFN Underground - Lost in the Sea of Empty - Down the Lonely Path. Featuring an eclectic mix of Doom Metal, Opera and Death Vocals.

Adrienne is very passionate about teaching others that there is more to like than just fashion and makeup when it comes to Goth.