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#122 Carson Taylor - Are you leaving $$$$ on the table when exiting your practice?
Episode 12213th February 2022 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I'm joined by Carson Taylor of VetValue a digital veterinary practice valuation service. VetValue's focus is improving accuracy, efficiency, and providing actionable intelligence with valuations. We also dive more into the brokerage offering with DVM Evolution. We discuss the following:

  • The difference between brokerage only and advisory services.
  • The amount of money left by many practice owners.
  • What do deals and valuations look like in the market today?
  • Who is a good candidate for an exit?
  • Deal Structures and opportunities for negotiation and flexibility.
  • What is a letter of intent (LOI)?
  • What is a joint venture (JV) and how does that impact your sale terms?
  • Why having 3-4 years left to work is essential when planning an exit.
  • The issue with self-dealing in brokerage offerings.

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