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Fear God and Take Your Own Part
15th July 2022 • Institute of Men • Keaton Tucker
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Every single Sunday I get a reminder on my phone that says, “you need a moral vision to be effective, you need to know what you believe and why, what you don’t believe and why. The men who know what they believe and why will shape the future of this country and their family for generations. And you must be able to live out and communicate what you believe.” 
“Fear God and Take your Own part” is a book written by Teddy Roosevelt during the outbreak of WWI. The opening chapter of this book is an appeal to the nation to pursue righteousness, which means virtue and moral uprightness, to not shirk responsibility and to avoid the ignoble ease and laziness that plagues so many of us. It also means to seek the good of your neighbor. That is important. The biblical word for righteousness is dikaiosynē which means “how one ought to be, approved by God and man, integrity, purity of life, virtue, correctness of thinking (that one is huge right now), correctness of feeling and acting. The pursuit of righteousness is the highest calling because with the pursuit of righteousness comes everything else. Strength comes, peace comes, love, justice, order, liberty. Paul says to Timothy in one of his letters to “flee evil desires and to pursue righteousness.” It appears over 500 times in the old testament, over 200 times in the new testament if my sources are correct, making it one of the most revered pursuits and topics of the bible.


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