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Chapter 39. This is literally How We Live
Episode 3925th January 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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I was a little concerned that the last two episodes were a little bit darker & more serious in tone than the average TCD.

Now I am not saying that is a problem in of itself, after all you need a healthy mix of opposites, dark & light, sweet & bitter, ying & yang.

So as we get back to some kind of normal service this week (the podcast equivalent of light froth with a generous dusting of chocolate) I like to think that this will merge with the virtual espresso shot of the last couple of weeks to form the perfect cappuccino.

Anyway, metaphors to one side, this week is all about How We Live as we take a gentle stroll through the history, naming and personnel that made up that particular project.

Don't Jump The Gun.


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