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038 Kurt Landon - Human Capital Entrepreneur - Part 1
Episode 386th June 2022 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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Today's guest is Kurt Landon - founder of Enspira, an HR Consulting and Human Capital firm. This is the first of two episodes. In this episode, we focus on how Kurt became a leader, and how working in HR and human capital at firms like Expedia, Biogen and Pinterest prepared him to become a leader.

Kurt's Flourless Chocolate cake recipe:



[03:30] – Welcome to the podcast, let’s start, why don’t you give our listeners your background, story, and how you got here.

 [05:17] – You started your entrepreneur career fairly late in your professional journey. What was the driver to go on your own after so many years?

[09:25] – What are the advantages, as an entrepreneur, do you think you got from going this route, which is not as traditional.

[11:30] – When did you start being intentional about defining your leadership style? How do you define your leadership style?

[13:54] – Kurt talks about a chapter from the book, The Feiner Points of Leadership by Michael Feiner.

[17:27] – Is there one of those experiences that you would be willing to share 2 or 3 lessons that you learned from that specific experience?

[20:09] – Kurt later learned that a new leader did not like him because of his sexuality.

[24:27] – Kurt recaps multiple lessons.

[27:23] – You are going into every experience with trust.

[30:29] – How do you think of your best self as a leader? What are the qualities that you try and embody?

[35:08] – Do you have any interests or hobbies outside of work that are important to you and how have they shaped or influenced your work?

[37:04] – Food for your body or food for your thought?

[41:57] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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