Season 3 Wrapped
26th December 2022 • The New Chitlin Circuit • The New Chitlin Circuit Podcast
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The New Chitlin Circuit returns for SEASON 4 on January 30, 2023!


Thank you for tuning in with us every Monday this year. Today we're wrapping up season 3 of the show, and giving you the rundown on which movies to watch (or re-watch) while we're on break. We cover our favorite indies of season 3, see below for timestamps.


3:50 - 'Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta'; 'B-boy Blues' (Which movie have you re-watched since reviewing it?)

5:40 - 'Birthday Behavior' (Which was the most fun movie to review?)

6:30 - An honest recap of 'PPP Loan Gone'

9:40 - 'Gully'; 'Strange Fruit: Tale of a Black Girl Lost' (Which was the toughest review to get through?)

Movies the hosts have changed their mind on:

15:26 - 'Maya and Her Lover'

17:00 'Burning Cane'

18:58 - 'Karen'

19:55 - 'A Royal Surprise'

21:00 - 'Make Time 4 Love' featuring a great soundtrack

22:48 - 'She Ball'

Who Came to Act Awards

25:15 - Main Awards

30:20 - Lex's Honorary Awards

Show Announcements

34:30 - Announcements on our Holiday Break

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The New Chitlin Circuit is the only podcast dedicated solely to highlighting Black, independent film. Every Monday, Syd and Lex review a Black indie, low-budget, or direct-to-tv movie.