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Top Traders Unplugged - Niels Kaastrup-Larsen 22nd June 2014
TTU07: Inside Scandinavia’s Longest Running CTA Firm ft. Martin Estlander of Estlander & Partners – 1of2
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TTU07: Inside Scandinavia’s Longest Running CTA Firm ft. Martin Estlander of Estlander & Partners – 1of2

Estlander & Partners – The Oldest CTA firm in Scandinavia and one of the Longest Running CTA firms in the World. 

Thank you for listening to my conversation with its founder Martin Estlander.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Martin got involved in the CTA Industry
  • The Evolution of Estlander & Partners and Where They are Today
  • Founding of an options trading business in Frankfurt in 1991
  • About the inspiring time in which he was part of the Commodities Corp. team until 1998 when Goldman Sachs came in and bought CC
  • About Jan Haraldsson’s Alpha Trend Program and how they recently opened the Program for external investors
  • The recreational activities that support Martin’s trading philosophy. Skiing, Tennis, Sailing and Meditation
  • An overview of the Main Programs Estlander & Partners run today – Alpha Trend, Freedom, Global Markets & Presto
  • The business organization of a modern day CTA firm – What is “in-house” and what is outsourced
  • How volatility is perceived in the Estlander & Partners portfolio
  • The structure of the Alpha Trend Program and why it is designed to trade 74 different instruments and how they mix together
  • How Alpha Trend’s pattern recognition differs from the traditional moving average crossover or price breakout
  • Whether Alpha Trend is Intra-day, End-of-Day… or both
  • What Alpha Trends’ models are designed to capture
  • How Alpha Trend manages stop loss and stop profits when entering a new market
  • Particularly important key performance drivers of Alpha Trend
  • The human intervention required to run the Alpha Trend model
  • How Martin Estlander defines risk
  • Achilles Risk and how Alpha Trend manages for it

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