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Can Marketing Save the Planet Ep 52: Part 2 - Marketing, Mindset Shifts and the Pursuit of a Purpose Upgrade, with Paul Skinner (Part 2)
23rd March 2023 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“ The world doesn’t need what we do at the moment, we can’t continue the way we are. We need to adapt and look at long term need and deliver valuable solutions.”

Aligned with the latest IPCC report, the message is clear on so many levels that we can’t keep doing what we do and making minor tweaks - transformational and urgent action is what’s required, and that’s going to require a collaborative approach.

Timely indeed for Part 2 of our conversation with Paul Skinner, Author, Founder of MarketingKind and Agency of the Future, prior to Paul writing ‘The Purpose Upgrade - Change your business to save the world, Change the world to save your business’ - published another brilliant work, ‘Collaborative Advantage - How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success’. In this second part of the conversation, we explore Paul’s immense knowledge in this area, diving into competitive -v- collaborative advantage.

There’s so much packed into these two 30 minute episodes, if you missed Part 1 - then we urge you to tune in… and if you loved Part 1, then dive straight into Part 2 and continue to be inspired .

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