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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 26, 3rd May 2021
027 with Pete Turner - Affect Over Effect
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027 with Pete Turner - Affect Over Effect

Let us sit for a meaningful conversation with Pete Turner and gain wisdom as he speaks about his success story in transition, his challenges and the things that he did to overcome those challenges, how he pivots when things aren't working out,  and much more.  

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:30- Pete's incredible journey from the military to his successful podcast. 
  • 07:50- 2 main secrets to deal with the transition
  • 09:02- Breaking out and figuring out your support system in transition 
  • 15:00- Pete's challenges in getting into the front door for an interview 
  • 20:11- Pete describes his pivot after being on a null value.
  • 22:00- Work out the problem and figure out how to get it done
  • 25:00- Pete's shift to podcasting
  • 26:55- The best  piece of advice to anyone who plans to do a podcast 
  • 29:40- Podcast drives some revenue, but more importantly, it drives opportunities 
  • 30:30- What next for Pete in the next three years 

Key Points:

  1. Two main secrets to do in transition are to outwork your problems and find a mentor. 
  2. Go to a place that is advantageous to your goal, if things are not working out, pivot and reinvent your goals.
  3. You have to be lean, figure out how to multiply, have a network to be surrounded by great people who would help you on your journey. 


  • “Transition is a multifaceted broken jar that you have to cobble together and find the right pieces, it's hard, and you should expect a lot of trials.“-Pete Turner
  • If you can't get a response, it's an indication that you're not going in the right direction, and you need to pivot dramatically and figure out how to get help to solve the problem. “- Pete Turner
  • “You have to be lean, there can't be any fat, you have to outwork the problem and figure out how to get it done, and that's leadership”- Pete Turner
  • Wear a lot of hats, but more importantly, you have to find other heads to put hats on so that you can be surrounded by great people who help you get to where you're going.”- Pere Turner 
  • “Find positive ways to interact with people and compel people to interact with you, and then you will find opportunities from that.”- Pete Turner 

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