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The Mumologues - The Mumologues EPISODE 5, 3rd December 2019
Episode 5 | Parenting with confidence
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Episode 5 | Parenting with confidence

Todays show we are talking all about confidence when parenting and how to tackle those well meaning people who love to give you parenting advice (read: how you should be parenting)

I also chat about my experience with online trolls in particular in relation to my breastfeeding post on instagram, and again I chat about how you can handle those trolls and bullies in one quick step.

Lastly we are chatting about my new initiative called "Mum as One" a community of mothers supporting each other and a little card that ill be sending out to those interested in hopes they hand them out to mothers who they see in the "wild" being their bloody amazing selves. Our facebook group can be found here


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