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Episode 356 – Uncle Sinner - A Goddam Delight
Episode 3563rd January 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We welcome Uncle Sinner to the show for the first time. Different, avant-guard, and from the earth, Uncle Sinner’s music defies categories, but feels familiar. His music bleeds, breathes, and inspires. We have a talk with the Uncle to find out what makes him tick.

(0:32) We start the show with some Winnipeg Winter talk before moving onto (1:43) just where Uncle Sinner has been all our lives. (5:52) What makes up his sound and what does he owe to Son House, (8:28) the root of the music being honesty and an experience.

(10:30) Just what is the recording process, from the gear used, the mics, and how it is all put together? (15:13) Uncle Sinner is about his unique voice and how he works it. (17:00) We talk about tracking and how the whole mastering process works. (20:58) What are his beginnings in music, from an appreciation to learning guitar and banjo and making his first recordings? (27:56) We discuss the work ethic of writing songs and knowing when a song is good. (30:41) What are the future plans for Uncle Sinner? (31:44) And what about that Nic Dyson?

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