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Navigating Market Changes: Tips for Trucking Companies
Episode 925th April 2023 • The Podcast • Zach Ellis
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On this episode of The Podcast, Zach discusses one of the issues he sees across all industries, and one of the most important things you can do in a rocky economy, following up.

Zach shares his unique insights and process on how he tracks his daily habits, which allows him to focus on the levers that matter most in his business. He also discusses why it's not just about saying you're going to do a specific thing but making sure you're following up on a consistent basis.

Zach also discusses current events in the trucking industry and the steps you can take as a business owner to make sure you're following up consistently, standing out from your competition, and tracking progress toward your goals.

In times like what we're in now, where the economy feels a bit rocky, this is the perfect opportunity to double down and stand out because your competitors may be pulling back on marketing dollars or sales staff. Now is your time to get more of the market share.

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