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Accountability with Malcolm and Joni | TSMP #058
Episode 5813th June 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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How accountable are you, right now?

Today, Aidan and Ashley are joined by two fantastic magicians - Malcolm Russell and Joni Pakanen. Malcolm and Joni became accountability partners and great friends through the incredible TSM community. 

Even though they are based in different continents, the collaboration helped them in creating highly successful virtual shows.

Being self-employed, most entertainers find it difficult to stay accountable to themselves. Having an accountability partner helps tremendously in meeting personal deadlines, achieving business goals, and infusing creativity in your shows. 

Join Malcolm and Joni as they share their story about how this fruitful partnership, which began through Mastering Online Shows, helped them in being accountable to each other.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • Who Is Malcolm Russell? [04:00]
  • Malcolm’s Journey Towards Virtual Shows [05:50]
  • Importance Of Having An Accountability Partner [06:55]
  • Who Is Joni Pakanen? [08:30]
  • Joni’s Journey Towards Virtual Shows [10:03]
  • Building New Relationships When Finding An Accountability Partner [13:08]
  • The Benefits Of Being Accountable [16:38]
  • Setting Goals With Deadlines And Taking Responsibility [19:20]
  • The Difference That Accountability Made In Malcolm’s And Joni’s Life [22:05]
  • Initial Conversations And Expectation Setting [31:22]
  • How To Boost Compatibility With Your Accountability Partner [35:21]
  • What To Do If There’s A Mismatch In Mutual Expectations [38:39]
  • Who Can Benefit From An Accountability Partner? [42:50]
  • Leveraging The Community To Become Accountable [44:25]
  • ONE THING That Made It Worthwhile for Joni [47:28]
  • ONE THING That Made It Worthwhile for Malcolm [48:48]

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