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Tyler Cowen on the moral argument for high economic growth
Episode 7222nd March 2022 • Bag Om Nyhederne • CEPOS
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In this week’s episode of ´Samfundstanker´, our special guest is Tyler Cowen. Cowen is professor of economics at George Mason University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University in 1987. He serves as the general director of the Mercatus Center, which is a research center focused on the market economy. Tyler Cowen is widely considered one of the most respected and influential economists over the past decades. He visits the podcast to discuss the moral argument for high economic growth and discusses the relationship between growth  and issues like general happiness, geopolitics in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the transition to a society with net zero carbon emissions. 



Stubborn Attachments: A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals the 

complacent class: the self-defeating quest for the american dream 

Tyler Cowen podcast: 

The Great Reversal - How America Gave Up on Free Market by Thomas Philippon 


Recorded: 14.03.2022 

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