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98 Ways to Skin a Clown
Episode 485th October 2020 • Dark Softly Tales • Mav Skye
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This week's tale is the first chapter of my first audiobook! In this riveting tale, we find a young Thomas Slade choosing a dark path after being kidnapped and inducted into the Night Devils biker gang. He quickly gains the leader’s trust and is given a task: go undercover as a kiddie clown entertainer at Carnival Circus and extract information from a man named Elvis. 

The job is simple, until Thomas meets the lovely Gerda, who is pregnant with Elvis’ child. Furthermore, Thomas realizes he actually enjoys entertaining as a clown for children and sees a future where he could settle down with a woman he cares about, but as always in life…things aren’t that simple. He has a job to do and will soon discover…there really are 98 Ways to Skin a Clown. 

This a dark story, but not one without innocence, first love, and of course, clowns.

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Music: Nervous by Kevin MacLeod

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