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438: A Bisexual Perspective for National Coming Out Day – Melissa DaSilva
Episode 4387th October 2020 • Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud! • Rick Clemons - LGBTQ+ Expert
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The "B" in LGBTQ is often the people told to "pick a lane, just pick a lane!" Yet, more people are bisexual than would want to admit it. Thus the reason on this two eves, before National Coming Out Day we decided to explore the other side of the closet with a bisexual queer person. It's a fun exploration with my friend Melissa DaSilva - a coach and therapist who works with LGBTQ folks to help them be themselves.

We explore her coming out - which really wasn't a huge coming out, and how she finds it being in the world of the bisexual, when everyone seems to have very interesting thoughts about what a bisexual needs and should do to fit in.

About Melissa

Melissa DaSilva, LICSW, is a therapist, author, podcast host, and artist. She started her career in social work, focusing on children and wellness in her community. She has found countless ways to help others thrive through therapy, coaching, and her dedication to spreading information and resources to LGBTQ+ individuals.

She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Work at Rhode Island College with a focus in School Social Work. For years, Melissa worked in school systems to support students and help individuals succeed at what they love to do.

In 2015, Melissa founded East Coast Mental Wellness in Providence, RI, a mental health agency where members of the LGBTQ+ community can find safe and specialized therapeutic services.

She has created an environment in which clinicians have a place to do the work that they love, so they can help clients change their lives for the better.

Melissa is the author of The Profitable Practice: Helping Healing Professionals Build and Grow a Successful Business. , which helps healers and new business owners succeed. She is the creator and host of the successful LGBTQ+ podcasts Pride Connections and Chit Chat with a Therapist. Her work has been published on many websites and she has been featured as a guest on several podcasts including Loving Without Boundaries, The Dots, and Shameless Mom Academy.

When she isn’t helping others through her job, DaSilva spends time at tag sales, creating art, and spending time with her spouse and pets.

For years, Melissa DaSilva has improved the lives of others through therapy, outreach, and life advice. Now, as an Executive Life Coach, Melissa helps successful and motivated LGBTQ+ individuals get “unstuck” in their lives so they can take their life and career to the next level through the use of goal setting and therapeutic techniques.

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