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#223 Dr. Jeff Stepanek & Elizabeth Montgomery - Buy My Dad's Vet Clinic
Episode 2234th February 2024 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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Dr. Jeff Stepanek and Elizabeth Montgomery join me in this episode. I connected with Liz via LinkedIn, and she's helping her father, Dr. Jeff, sell his Eau Claire, Wisconsin, veterinary clinic. This is a unique podcast that I hope you enjoy - as it's a conversation on legacy and opportunity within veterinary medicine.

  • Dr. Jeff's story and how we become an owner.
  • How great mentorship impacted him and how he's passed that on.
  • Why communication and confidence is the key to veterinary success.
  • Liz's story of helping her dad find the right buyer for the clinic.
  • What should the ideal owner's character traits look like in a perfect world?
  • The challenge of many other single DVM owner clinics nationwide and the opportunity.
  • And more

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