EP 32 Girl Talk with Dr. Heather Rhodes on Stress and Low Libido
6th July 2020 • Legacy through Motherhood • Stephanie Sims
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In this episode, Dr. Heather Rhodes talks about how important it is to make sure your hormones are balanced. Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone are the 3 big driving hormones that we need to be aware of. When those are off then stress and low libido can be a side effect. Dr. Heather walks us through so many practical ways we can help balance our hormones without medication.

Dr. Heather was so gracious and opened up her "My Stress Strategy" course just for the LTM community and gave everyone a 35% off discount with the code "LEGACY". The links below are ways you can access Dr. Heather Rhodes post-episode.

Your codehttps://store.drheatherrhodes.com/stress?coupon=LEGACY

My Website: https://store.drheatherrhodes.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drheatherrhodes/?hl=en

Upcoming Free Webinar: https://www.drheatherrhodes.com/free-webinar

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