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David Rovics (Part 2 of 2: Discourse and Fragmentation)
Episode 3720th June 2023 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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The second part of our conversation with the topical songwriter David Rovics. Part one traced the evolution of a political mind to the moment when tragedy undid the shackles of expectations and set David on his path. This week we follow what happens next, the collapse of the college circuit that supported activists throughout the later 20th Century, the implosion of the CD revenue stream and the rise of an atomized social-media-driven culture.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Today in Charlottesville (David Rovics, ‘Ballad of a Wobbly’ - 2018)
  2. From Kabul to Khartoum (David Rovics, ‘ Living in These Times’ - 2001)
  3. Operation Iraqi Liberation (David Rovics, ‘The Commons’ - 2007)
  4. Somewhere on Spotify (David Rovics, ‘Songs for Today’ - 2019)
  5. Israeli Geography 101 (David Rovics, ‘Meanwhile in Afghanistan (Solo Acoustic) - 2019)
  6. David Rovics is a Nazi (David Rovics, ‘David Rovics’ YouTube - 2022)
  7. I’m a Better Anarchist Than You (David Rovics, ‘The Commons’ - 2007) 



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